Entrepreneurs That Inspire Us To Shine

“Working with Ash has been a great experience. She took a project that I had been stalling for months due to time limitations, and ran with it as if it was her own. She has been amazing at managing all aspects of the web build – communicating with my developers in Canada, continuously suggesting improvements, introducing me to her network of professionals and keeping me apprised the whole way. I can highly recommend Ash’s services and only wish she been on board from the very beginning as it would have saved both time and money.”

– Kate Kikano, Founder | TKD Lingerie

“I have worked with White Label (our brand division) for over 7 years. They handled everything for us! They worked closely with the global teams of my brands, ensuring timely responses, planning on extensive PR calendar and have always been result oriented in their campaigns and ideas with in depth understanding of PR for luxury brands. No task is too small or too big, we have always taken them as our in-house marketing & PR team and I wish them all the success! They are just a phone call away and such a pleasure to work with. xx”

– Samara Punjabi | Manolo Blahnik, Sergio Rossi | Ergobaby | Mackage

“Yalla Gorgeous are partner’s of Asia’s largest online beauty retailer of, and are set to launch in October 2020. Ayshwarya has handled this project from end to end, right from enterprise architecture to project management & supply chain and logistics set up. We are looking forward to launching and scaling new heights in the beauty world with Ayshwarya helping us lead the way.”

– Faisal Sayeed, Co-Founder | Yalla Gorgeous

“White Label (our brand division) are a joy to work with! They commit the energy, the ideas and the hard work to everything they do and most importantly, they are always kind and brimming with positivity. We have thrown them a few tasks that moved them beyond their comfort zone and they always are up for the challenge.”

– Angie Hall, Head of Ideation/Partner | Meraki & Modus

“Ayshwarya is an absolute expert in the e-commerce field. Having Aysh on the Boundarie_com launch team has helped raise our game due to the depth of experience she brought to the table. I found Aysh fantastic to work with for several reasons. She  is very passionate about E-commerce and she really cares about her clients and strives for their success. Her inputs have been so valuable which served as a guiding light especially when we were launching. The best part, she is fantastic to work with, extremely personable, fun and down to earth.”

– Payal Mirchandani, Founder & CEO | Boundarie_

“White Label (our brand division) has really helped our business evolve and stand out from the crowd. With the amount of work they put in, it is hard to believe they aren’t a part of our company. They have gone out of their way and at times performed beyond their scope of work simply due to their genuine interest in seeing our business succeed. We have been very happy with their performance and hope to use them again for all our future ventures.”

–  Pallav Patel | MASTI, Bombay Bungalow, Ibn AlBahr

“We went to Ayshwarya Chari when we wanted to launch Booktopia’s ecommerce. Her technical expertise, business acumen and the in-depth knowledge of the functioning of the middle east region was instrumental in making our ecommerce website a success. She constantly comes up with new strategies to improve the Business and achieve targets. Her Technical Skills with ecommerce have helped us solve the many difficult Challenges and bring positive outcomes each time. Her Business Strategies and her passion for ecommerce is incredible. We are very grateful to have her at Booktopia.”

– Malarvizhi Balaji, Founder | Booktopia

“I have been in the search for a PR company that gets the needs of my brand, and are willing to go the extra mile to push my brand to its full potential. I approached White Label (our brand division) because I believed they are capable of doing that. The whole team shows great dedication, genuine support and appreciation to the brand! One thing that I mostly like and was the reason I ended up with them, was that they are true professionals – yet understand that being personal with their clients is very important. They take all my aspirations and requests into consideration, even when it sounds a bit farfetched, they still try their best to find a way to make it happen.”

– Shamsa Al Omaira | The O Jewelry

“Setting up my ecommerce platform seemed daunting and extremely out of my comfort zone but Ayshwarya stepped in and helped with strategy, debunking a lot of myths with regards to technical must haves and helped streamline the process with the developer so we all emerged with a product I am extremely happy with and proud of. Her time and experience proved invaluable and I can recommend her to anyone navigating the ecommerce universe.”

– Suman Manning, Founder | Twins Plus Arabia

“We started with White Label Media (our brand division) after our launch. It was beyond any expectations we had. With them we grew as a brand and we’re still doing so. But that’s not all, what we appreciate most about working with them is their friendly attitude and personal attention; we consider ourselves a family more than business partners. Thank you White Label Media! You are the best!”

– The Exposed House

“I’ve worked with Ayshwarya on a revamp of our existing website in order to make it more functional and e-commerce driven. She provided me with strategic guidance as well as practical follow up with a variety of experts when needed. I felt she always had our best interest at heart and was honest if something wasn’t the right fit for us. With an attitude that was both professional and approachable, she was a pleasure to work with and someone I would highly recommend.”

– Iman El Huni, Founder | Party Social

“White Label (our brand division) understood the fact that we were a start-up and supported us in every possible way. We looked at them as partners and they always ensured that we had access to key market insights and relevant strategies. Without them we could
not have got the word out about our take away joint, 800-Thali. All in all thorough professionals.”

– Danni Thomas, Founder | 800 Thali