As the convenience of having products delivered right to their doors has become an integral part of a consumer’s everyday life, different areas of technology have had to adapt and evolve. Not only do businesses have to think about the way their customers connect with their brands, but they also have to empower their customers to shop safely and effectively.

We will help you carve out and develop your spot in the e-commerce space by developing your brand from a few different angles.


It all starts with your project brief and overall business evaluation. From there we offer:

  • Technology strategy consultation for long-term business growth
  • Expert advice on the most suitable platforms for your business demands
  • Long-term, data-powered, technological solutions to meet your business’s unique needs
  • Project management for the entire process from start to finish in an Agile environment

Customer Experience:

We keep customer participation and your online performance at the forefront of the entire design and implementation process. We don’t design websites; we design experiences which includes:

  • Copywriting to effectively communicate the business ethos through each step of the user experience
  • Striking photography for all your products and campaigns to keep your branding seamless and uniform
  • Regularly updated catalogue management for the site launch

Logistics, Supply chain and Operations

We know that supply chain management and operations are an essential part of an e-commerce business’s success and integral to continuous, high rates of customer satisfaction. We keep this in mind as we offer:

  • A resilient, efficient, cost-effective, customer-centric process
  • Tailored solutions for each business to marry industry best practices to their existing operational setup
  • On-boarding the right partners for logistics and payment solutions
  • Ongoing solution testing and training & recruitment of a skilled team